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How Often Should You Wash Your Car in Winter?

The question “How often should I wash my car in winter?” is more than relevant. Indeed, water can freeze during cold weather, and it starts to thaw only when it enters a warm room. Melting water, in turn, as well as snow, harms the condition of the body, contributing to rusting. If it is not possible to store the car in a cold room and the thawing process is inevitable, then the car should be washed as rarely as possible. read more

8 Tips From Trusted Motorists for Car Wash in Winter

Car wash in winter — should you wash the car more often , as little as possible, or not wash it at all? There are many opinions on the correct winter car care like mobile car wash for sale. Some people think that washing in winter is better only in automatic car washes. Someone, on the contrary, thinks that it is better to wash the car yourself in conventional car washes by hand. Some motorists believe that it is impossible to wash a car in winter since by washing it in winter, you are risking damaging the body paintwork. Who is right? read more